Witches can be consider a separate species in Oz. They have their own language - Inha, and they are born with the ability to speak it.

It appears that all witches are female. They age much slower than regular humans and cannot be killed by ordinary means.


The witches of Oz are divided into four sub-sets just as their inborn language. Each kind has their own grand Witch called Cardinal Witch, that possesses far greater power.


Witches are almost immortal, however they can be killed by another witch. They feel pain and suffering, yet they will come back to life if the death-blow was not dealt by a witch.

A witch can also be killed by the Beast Forever.

Rituals and rites

Global rituals

Funeral ritual

Witches have an elaborate funeral ritual, 'singing to rest'. It takes place in the Sacred Temple and involves sucking the spells from a dead witch's body by another witch and then pouring them into an inanimate vessel and then storing them in an underground cemetery.

Individual rituals

East: Settling the weather | The ritual of the Elements

Witch of the East could perform a ritual that settled unruly weather. This ritual required stepping across a lake and being taken by a tornado to a different world between worlds.