"She says I have bad blood."
—Tip to Jack

 In the world of Emerald City

Episode One and Two

Tip is a young boy held captive by an old crone who says she's 'protecting' him.

The witch Mombi was giving Tip a drop of special medicine each day to help with his 'condition'. She never let him out of his room, which infuriated Tip.

Tip plotted escape with Jack, however they couldn't force magical doorway set up by Mombi. Eventually, they used the fact that Dorothy and Lucas arrived to Mombi's house to run away.

Tip didn't take the medicine with him and, without the daily doze, he transformed back to his original form: a young girl.

Episode Three

Tip is finding it extremely hard to cope with his new body, desperately trying to change back to his old self. Yet, it turns out the medicine given by Mombi was suppressing his true nature - he was, in fact, born a girl.

Shocked by this revelation, Tip hides at a balcony. Jack finds her and tries to console her. He kisses her in the process, which makes Tip lash out and push him hard, making him fall off the balcony to the courtyard a few stories below.

In the works of L. Frank Baum

An adolescent boy named Tippetarius (nicknamed Tip) lives with an old witch Mombi on a farm in a Gillikin Country.


Tip tarot

Tip's female form on a tarot card

  • Tip is represented on a tarot card 'Hermit' on the Emerald City Facebook Page