Best forever

The Beast Forever

The Beast Forever is a creature responsible for Mother South's death. It's also the title of the first episode of the series.

The Beast is said to be able to take many forms - floods that meet the sky, fires that water cannot extinguish, monstrosities that slither and soar. The Wizard stopped the Beast before with the use of Eternal Warriors, who formed a wall along the Emerald City to keep the Beast Forever from flooding entire world.

Most Current Incarnation

As Anna mentioned to the Wizard, The Beast is prophesied to arrive when the two moon become one. It will come from the sky, have a brain, a heart, and relentless strength.

Notable Previous Incarnations


Beast Forever appeared as fire that devoured all.

20 years prior to action proper

Drowned witches

Witches drowned by the Beast Forever

Beast Forever appeared as flood that could extinguish all living things. Eternal Warriors formed a wall along the Emerald City to stop the break of water.

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