"Don't thank me. I voted to have you killed."
—Ojo to Dorothy

Ojo is a Munja’kin (Munchkin) warrior.

He speaks at least two languages, the native Munja’kin and what seems to be English. He acts as a translator for Dorothy during her stay at the Freelands. He's also the one who conducted Dorothy's torture after she admitted she killed the Witch of the East.

He gives Toto his name - Toto being a word for 'dog' in Munja’kin language.

His wife is a witch or possesses some witchy qualities, as she has been imprisoned in the Prison of the Abject by East. East's death means Ojo's wife cannot be freed.

He admits he voted to have Dorothy killed, but the tribe consensus was to have her banished from the lands. He's the one to escort her to the border and show her the road to the Emerald City.