"I know what the Wizard's guard did in Nimbo. They've burned and tortured..."

Nimbo was a town in Oz situated along the Yellow Brick Road. Dorothy passed it's ruins some time after crossing the border with Tribal Freelands. The town was destroyed by the Wizard's guards shortly before Dorothy's arrival.

Lucas was left for dead crucified at Nimbo, his cross had the name of the town inscribed on it's vertical bar. Dorothy found him and saved him there.

The Wizard's Guard found a mysterious magical occurrence in Nimbo, which erupted once Anna touched it, rendering her unconscious.

Mombi's Account

The burning of Nimbo was referred to by Mombi, who claimed she's been there when it happened. She blamed the Wizard's Guard for killing and torturing the villagers.

Wizard's Guards' Account

Eammon states that there was an insurgency at Nimbo connected with witchcraft and that a lot of his soldiers were killed there.

Toby, one of the Wizard's Guard, says that Lucas killed ten soldiers as they tried to stop him at Nimbo when he was driving a mysterious wagon out of the town. Toby admits to stabbing Lucas that day.

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