"When you were a little girl, Mother South favored you. Of all of our sisters, you were the one destined to take her place. Did you know that she saw you as her heir, not me, not East, you"
Glinda to West

Mother South was a Cardinal Witch, together with GlindaWest and East. She is said to have been killed by the Beast Forever. This information, however, is just a rumour spread by Glinda who has her own agenda against the Wizard and secretly breeds an army of witches.

Mother South is said to be the actual mother of all witches in Oz. Even though she gave life to more than a hundred of witches, she took time to nurture them all. Glinda believes she favoured West most of all and nurtured her to take her place.

Known Children


  • She apparently perished some time before the events of the series and was never sung to rest in the Sacred Temple. This proves to be untrue in Episode Six, when West finds out new witches are being born in Oz.
  • Her death means no more witches born in Oz.
  • In the original 1900 novel Glinda was the Good Witch of the South. It was the 1939 movie that made Glinda the Witch of the North.