Glinda character

Maiden of Northern Light, Mother of the Sound and Pure

"War is upon us. A clash of science and magic..."

 In the world of Emerald City

Glinda is one of the Cardinal Witches and the Witch of the North. She was tasked by the Wizard with selecting his High Council.

She arrives to the Emerald City to burry her fallen sister, East, in the Sacred Temple. The Temple has been sealed by the Wizard before, and has a giant statue of a warrior located above its dome as security measure.

As magic has been banned in Oz, Glinda now runs an orphanage. East even asks Dorothy, if she's one of 'Glinda's girls' sent out to kill her, meaning there's a second layer to the orphanage venture.

In the works of L. Frank Baum

Glinda earned the title of the Witch of the South after vanquishing the previous witch of the South and freeing Quadlings from slavery.

She has her own female army of girls about Dorothy's age (around twelve).

Unlike in the other works depicting Oz, Glinda was not the Witch of the North. That title was held by Locasta Tattypoo, who was omitted in the most famous movie version.


Glinda tarot

Glinda as High Priestess

  • The character of the Witch of the South, nominally Glinda in the books, is a separate entity in the series. There's a mention of Mother South, a Cardinal Witch who is said to have been killed by the Beast Forever.
  • The Facebook page of Emerald City pictured Glinda as a Tarot card The High Priestess - a the guardian of the unconscious.