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They Came First
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Emerald City 1x07 Promo "They Came First" (HD)

Emerald City 1x07 Promo "They Came First" (HD)

They Came First is the seventh episode of Season One.


The Wizard launches an assault on a village as his power is threatened and he enlists West to help. Paranoid of the witches powers, he orders all young girls from the Emerald City to be round up and releases his anger on his Council.

Dorothy and Lucas fight to keep Silvie safe as they journey north to seek Glinda's assistance. Unbeknownst to Lucas, Dorothy has agreed to kill Glinda for the Wizard, in exchange for a trip back to Earth. During the trip, Dorothy sleeps with Lucas.

After suffering a great loss, Langwidere grapples with her new authority as her relationship with Jack continues to become complicated.


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