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Lions in Winter
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Emerald City 1x08 Promo "Lions In Winter" (HD)00:18

Emerald City 1x08 Promo "Lions In Winter" (HD)

Lions in Winter is the eight episode of Season One.


When Dorothy and Lucas arrive at Glinda's castle she reclaims something for which she has been searching: her husband. Glinda restores Lucas' memories and Dorothy is devastated by the revelation. She still promised the Wizard she will kill Glinda for him and he will take her home, but now Lucas/Roan is in the equation. 

The Wizard heads to the Kingdom of Ev to build his weapons arsenal.  

Meanwhile, West uses some dangerous magic to help Tip reconnect with her past. She offers Tip the spells of East, but when Tip drinks them things become complicated. 

In the Kingdom of Ev, Jack struggles to find his place in Langwidere's life. After spending a night with her, Jack realizes the relationship is not what he expected it to be. 


  1. combined from NBC and Cosmopolitan TV

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