East top

The Mistress of the Eastern Wood, Most Merciful and Stern

"Nothing good comes from the skies. So when it does, we send it back in pieces!"

 In the world of Emerald City

East was one of the Cardinal Witches, together with her sisters: Glinda and West. She died when Dorothy arrived in Oz.

She's the maker of the Prison of the Abject. The ability to lock and unlock the prison died with her, as each Witches' spell are their own.

She didn't have an apprentice to pass on the fruits of her tongue, because the Wizard made magic illegal.

East seemingly died hit by a police car when Dorothy arrived in Oz, but survived the impact in death-like stupor. Once she woke up, she wanted to take revenge on Dorothy as she woke up 'with a strange taste in her mouth' - Dorothy. She found the girl on the Brick Road and went on to torment her by imprisoning her mind in the Prison of the Abject.


East can control the weather and create tornadoes at will. She can also move objects and has the power to imprison a person, at least mentally, in the Prison of the Abject.

She had the control of the Elements.

In the works of L. Frank Baum

The Wicked Witch of the East was terrorising the Munchkins and died crushed by Dorothy's house the moment she arrived in Oz.

The Witch was also the owner of the Silver Shoes with Pointed Toes (renamed to Ruby Slippers in the film version).


East tower FB

East as The Tower Taror card

  • The Facebook page of Emerald City pictured East as a Tarot card The Tower - a sign of impending catastrophe.
  • In the first version of the script she is described as 'an old woman' wearing Silver Slippers.

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