Cardinal witches

Cardinal Witches
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"You might have outlawed their magic, but their people still love them."
"It's because they don't know them!"
—Elizabeth and the Wizard

The Cardinal Witches are extremely powerful witches, a separate species of people who live in the world of Oz. They are linked to the four sides of the world: East, North, West and South.

At the time of Dorothy's arrival to Oz, Mother South is spoken of as dead and East is no longer. Mother South's death means there are no more witches being born in Oz. However, this turns out to be a ruse by Glinda, who's been keeping Mother South herself and breeding witches for her army.

Known Cardinal Witches

  • West  Formal title: Witch of the West and the Mistress of the Western Fields, Vessel of Truth and Solace.
  • East  Formal title: Witch of the East and the Mistress of the Eastern Wood, Most Merciful and Stern.
  • Glinda  Formal title: Witch of North and the Maiden of Northern Light, Mother of the Sound and Pure.
  • Mother South  Known as: Witch of South and the Mother of Witches.